Easter egg hunt at the Port Huron Museum

The Easter program and egg hunt at the Port Huron museum was a lot of fun for all. From the history of some of our Easter traditions to basket making and egg dying with natural dyes; everyone involved had a great time.

Toy Tech is Here!

Wow! I had one of those!


Toy Tech, the new exhibit at the Port Huron Museum, is open and it is amazing!  From the slinky to silly putty, and model trains to pedal cars there are hands-on exhibits and view-only displays that will excite and warm the hearts of the youngest visitor to the youngest-at-heart.

The train, the dolls, and the history.


Would you like to launch a straw rocket and see how far it goes?  How about test driving your very own helicopter in the toy tech wind tunnel?  You can build a Tinker car, a Lincoln log cabin or relax and watch the model train on its journey around its miniature land.  Be sure to tip your hat back to the ‘man’ watching the train go by, he’s waiting for his dog to finish his business.  Look closely, you will see what I mean.

Lots of fun stuff to do!


Toy Tech is an adventure into the world of toys, child’s play, and memories.  So, grab your kids, your grandkids, or even the neighborhood kids and come down and experience the history, mystery, and all-out fun of Port Huron Museum’s newest exhibit, built just for you.