The Underwater Camera is back at the Great Lakes Maritime Center!

The under water display is back!

Great news! The underwater camera that displays on the screen in the Maritime Center at Vantage Point is back in business and clearer than ever! Our good friend, Greg Lashbrook, has spent a great deal of time working on setting up this camera to give the best view of life below the surface of the St Clair River. There has been much activity since the display went back online.

The display is clearer than ever before!

This display is wonderful entertainment for young and old alike. So, take a moment to stop by the Great Lakes Maritime Center to discover what goes on under the blue!


Lake Huron Lore Marine Society’s Marine Market in St Clair, June 9, 2012

Everyone enjoyed the Marine Market!

Saturday was a beautiful day for the Marine Market in St Clair. Over 30 vendor’s were on hand with a great variety of goods for sale. There whistles and jackets, photographs and paintings, charts and maps, shirts and books and more! Everyone had a great time and all are looking next years gathering! Here are some pictures, names and phone numbers, so you can contact these vendor’s if there is something that interests you. Click on a photo to enlarge it. Enjoy!

The 31st Annual Great Lakes Maritime Market will soon be here

Kaye E. Barker heading downbound.

Saturday, June 9, from 9am to 3 pm is the 31st Annual Great Lakes Maritime Market at the Riverview Plaza in St Clair, MI; located just across the street from the scenic boardwalk  in downtown St Clair.

Sponsored by the Lake Huron Lore Marine Historical Society, this years event promises to be a gala affair.

Little boat sizing up the big boat

With more than 40 vendors offering various items that relate specifically to shipping and the shipping industry in this region, there is bound to something to please the boatnerd in anyone. From artifacts, books, and photographs to advertising memorabilia, shipwreck collectibles, and artwork this event covers a great expanse of Great Lakes Maritime history.

This market is held only once a

Big job for a little tug

year and is one of only a few of its kind held throughout the country. This is a rare opportunity to find that photo, artifact, or other collectible from the impressive Great Lakes shipping industry that you have been looking for.

CSL Assiniboine coated in ice

The sponsor, Lake Huron Lore, was organized in 1963 to further the collection and preservation of maritime history in our region for the benefit of future generations. It has numerous activities throughout the year for its members, as well as the public, to further their understanding and enjoyment of this subject. The Marine Gallery at the Port Huron Museum of Arts and History is the repository of its extensive artifact collection. Its

Miedwie downbound - Port of Registery - Nassau, Bahamas

newsletter and journal, The Lightship, is published six times a year.

For more information, or to reserve a table to display for sale your own collection, contact Lake Huron Lore at (586)725-6276 or by email at

Freighters in a snow squall at the Blue Water Bridge

Herbert C. Jackson just becoming visible beyond the bridge in the snow

I went down to the Blue Water Bridge yesterday, as there was a freighter coming down that I had not yet gotten a picture of, Canadian Steamship Lines’ Assiniboine.  The CSL Assiniboine, formerly known as the Jean Parisien, and the Herbert C. Jackson were traveling downbound together. When I got to the bridge there was a snow squall hampering visibility and making it very cold.  The photos I captured there were well worth the time spent in the freezing temps and blowing snow.  

Here is a little information on the two ships that you will see in these photos.  The CSL Assiniboine was launched as the Jean Parisien on July 7, 1977.  The Herbert C. Jackson was side-launched on February 20, 1959. She has retained her original name for almost 54 years.  

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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Port Huron Edition 1

Kaye E. Barker heading downbound.

Port Huron is a unique and beautiful place, from the waterways, bridges, boats, and freighters to the architecture, landscapes, and skies, there are many sites that can only be found in the maritime center that is Port Huron.  Here is the first in a series of slideshows featuring Port Huron’s picturesque beauty and unique individuality.

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The Pride of Michigan

The Pride of Michigan

After all the excitement today of the Unofficial Float Down, I was sitting on the wall down at the Maritime Center relaxing when I saw a vessel approaching.  At first I thought it might be the Greyfox, but it was too small.  As it passed I took a couple photos and looked it up later when I got home.  It was the Pride of Michigan, the ship of the Noble Odyssey Foundation, and part of the Great Lakes Association of Science Ships. I am glad I got the opportunity to see her and wanted to share her with you.

In front of the Great Lakes Maritime Center

Highlights of Freighter Watching

The front of the Algoway, looks kind of like a sea monster

I love the freighters.  They are giants on the water, but they have a grace and beauty all their own that is unmatched anywhere.  To see these giants turn around in the Straights of Saint Clair, directly outside the Great Lakes Maritime Center, is amazing.  I got to watch the Algoway do a turn rather close to our side of the river and wanted to share it with you.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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