Vantage Point Farmer’s Market and the Cash Mob

Today at Vantage Point

Today at Vantage Point Farmer’s Market

Last weeks market

Last weeks market – First of the year

It has begun….another great year of the Vantage Point Farmer’s Market.

At the first market there were new faces and old friends…many vendors are returning this year to offer their wares and what a wide selection available this year.

In the past there were 2 markets offered…the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and the Arts and Crafts Fair on Sundays. This year the two are combined to offer a one day a week event that provides shoppers the convenience of a one day shopping trip with the variety of both markets.

Saturday, May 18, the Port Huron Cash Mob group has chosen the market as the site for this week’s Mob event. Not sure what a cash mob is? It is a way for local residents and visitors alike to offer support to local area businesses. What better way to support our area than stopping down to Vantage Point Farmer’s Market and purchasing you spring planting necessities, some new garden or lawn art, a delicious bacon topped cupcake (really! they are wonderful!), or maybe a new picture to hang on your wall at home.

Vantage Point Farmer’s Market, located next to the mouth of the Black River, is a wonderful place to spend any Saturday, but Cash Mob Saturday, May 18, may prove to be the most fun you will have shopping this month!first day at R n R market 006 first day at R n R market 009

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The 31st Annual Great Lakes Maritime Market will soon be here

Kaye E. Barker heading downbound.

Saturday, June 9, from 9am to 3 pm is the 31st Annual Great Lakes Maritime Market at the Riverview Plaza in St Clair, MI; located just across the street from the scenic boardwalk  in downtown St Clair.

Sponsored by the Lake Huron Lore Marine Historical Society, this years event promises to be a gala affair.

Little boat sizing up the big boat

With more than 40 vendors offering various items that relate specifically to shipping and the shipping industry in this region, there is bound to something to please the boatnerd in anyone. From artifacts, books, and photographs to advertising memorabilia, shipwreck collectibles, and artwork this event covers a great expanse of Great Lakes Maritime history.

This market is held only once a

Big job for a little tug

year and is one of only a few of its kind held throughout the country. This is a rare opportunity to find that photo, artifact, or other collectible from the impressive Great Lakes shipping industry that you have been looking for.

CSL Assiniboine coated in ice

The sponsor, Lake Huron Lore, was organized in 1963 to further the collection and preservation of maritime history in our region for the benefit of future generations. It has numerous activities throughout the year for its members, as well as the public, to further their understanding and enjoyment of this subject. The Marine Gallery at the Port Huron Museum of Arts and History is the repository of its extensive artifact collection. Its

Miedwie downbound - Port of Registery - Nassau, Bahamas

newsletter and journal, The Lightship, is published six times a year.

For more information, or to reserve a table to display for sale your own collection, contact Lake Huron Lore at (586)725-6276 or by email at

New Exhibit at Studio 1219

Bill Tucker: A Realist's Retrospective

Earlier this month a new exhibit, entitled “Bill Tucker: A Realist’s Retrospective”, opened at Studio 1219 in downtown Port Huron. Bill Tucker is a Port Huron native who attended the Center for Creative Arts and Wayne State University in Detroit with the aid of scholarships; and also attended the Chicago Institute for Interior Design. He then spent years in the commercial art field honing his talents and his skills as a pictorial artist.


The exhibit opened on March 9 and will remain on display until April 7. For all who enjoy great artwork it is a must see.  There’s something for almost everyone; from fantasy to portraits, and landscapes to animals the beauty of Mr. Tucker’s work is awe-inspiring at the least.



Try to make time to got to Studio 1219 and support a Port Huron business and a Port Huron artist.  Hope to see you there.

The Vantage Point Arts and Craft Market

Rag's Custom Clocks - Hand-carved and custom made clocks, wall hangings, and walking sticks

There are a couple of new vendors at the Arts and Craft Market at Vantage Point today. Rag’s Custom Clocks, hand carved and crafted wall hangings, clocks, and walking sticks, beautifully crafted unique treasures for your home or as gifts.

Tina's Treasure - beautiful hand-made hair accessories, kitchen designs, and accessories for your home and life.

Tina’s Treasures is also on hand today with hand-made pillows, hair accessories perfect for the stylish girls back-to-school ensemble , lap throws, and more.  There are also the tried and true vendors, Jay’s Ship on a Shirt, Leon’s hand-scrolled on wood portraits, Photos by Bob Powers, and Jewelry by Kat. There are only a few weeks left of this wonderful market, I hope you make it down to see these fabulous crafts handmade with love here at home in Port Huron.

The Vantage Point Arts and Craft Market is back!

Vendor's, Jan Hall and Leon Ramsey, setting up for today's market

The Arts and Craft Market is back at Vantage Point.  After the brief hiatus due to the Port Huron/Sarnia International Powerboat Race last weekend the vendors are back in business next to the Great Lakes Maritime Center at Vantage Point.

Unofficial shirts for an unofficial event

Beautiful hand-crafted jewelry, hand-scrolled portraits and pictures in wood, spectacular maritime scenes captured in photos and displayed on shirts or ready to frame, home-made-with-love quilts and comforters perfect for gifts or to treasure in your own home, these are some of the items available today at the Vantage Point Arts and Craft Market at Vantage Point.  Hope to see you there.

The Arts and Craft Market at Vantage Point

There is a plethora of creativity and ingenuity to be seen at the Arts and Craft Market at Vantage Point every Sunday next to the great Lakes Maritime Center.

Hand-crafted jewelry made from stones, gems, and glass beads


Jewelry by Kat and

"At Home in the Woods", now appearing at an Art Show near you.



Leslie’s beautiful wood crafts,

Marine and Landscape Photography



Bob Powers’ maritime photography and

Lilypad Crafts and Creations




fancy wreaths by Lori are just a few of the items you can find there.  The market is open from 11:am to 3:pm every Sunday.  Support our local artisans by coming to the market.  Hope to see you there.

Vantage Point Arts & Craft Market

Just outside the Maritime Center at Vantage Point, along the shore of the picturesque St. Clair River is the all new Vantage Point Arts & Craft Market.  This new market is the perfect place to spend your Sunday afternoons this summer.  With unique crafts, artwork, and people, there is a treasure to be found by all.  Affordable prices and the truly unique style of the items here make the Vantage Point Arts & Craft Market a great destination any Sunday this summer.  Here is a sampling of some of the unique people and their crafts they wish to share with you next to the Maritime Center at Vantage Point:

beautifully crafted gifts for baby and adults alike

Beautiful Custom Quilts

Home of "Ship on a Shirt"

Unique images of area freighters captured forever on shirts, hats, bags, etc.

Beautiful and unique wood carvings and portraits in wood