The Unofficial Float Down

Spectators in front of the Great Lakes Maritime Center at Vantage Point

Well, there has been a pretty good turnout here at the Great Lakes Maritime Center to watch the floaters go by.  The Coast Guard, area police and fire departments and Homeland Security all turned out to ensure everyone’s safety and to help if anyone gets into trouble.  I spoke with one of the Port Huron Police volunteers who said that everything had gone smoothly and there had been no injuries so far.  It is just beginning to rain, so it is a good thing that the Float Down is winding down and most folks are past the mouth of the Black River.  Jay, from Image Making L.L.C., still has Float Down t-shirts for sale; his contact information is on my Vantage Point Arts and Craft Market post.  I am thankful everything went well and all had a safe and fun time today at the third annual “Unofficial” Port Huron Float Down.  Enjoy the pictures.

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The Vantage Point Arts and Craft Market

Rag's Custom Clocks - Hand-carved and custom made clocks, wall hangings, and walking sticks

There are a couple of new vendors at the Arts and Craft Market at Vantage Point today. Rag’s Custom Clocks, hand carved and crafted wall hangings, clocks, and walking sticks, beautifully crafted unique treasures for your home or as gifts.

Tina's Treasure - beautiful hand-made hair accessories, kitchen designs, and accessories for your home and life.

Tina’s Treasures is also on hand today with hand-made pillows, hair accessories perfect for the stylish girls back-to-school ensemble , lap throws, and more.  There are also the tried and true vendors, Jay’s Ship on a Shirt, Leon’s hand-scrolled on wood portraits, Photos by Bob Powers, and Jewelry by Kat. There are only a few weeks left of this wonderful market, I hope you make it down to see these fabulous crafts handmade with love here at home in Port Huron.

The New Kid on the Lakes

The brand new Algoma Mariner

There is a new kid on the Great Lakes by the name of the Algoma Mariner.  She is a 740 foot maximum Seaway size, Coastal Class self unloading bulk carrier with the capacity to haul 37,162 tons, or the equivalent of 83,242,880 lbs.  Built at the Nantong Mingde shipyard in China, it arrived home in Canada on August 3, 2011.  The Algoma Mariner was supposed to be a conversion of the Algoma Central’s ship the Algoport, but the Algoport foundered at sea while being towed to China.  It broke apart and sank, so the Algoma Mariner is a completely new vessel.

Beauty on the River

The moon and Canada's lights reflecting across the St Clair River


I’ve been down at the Great lakes Maritime Center the last couple of nights and there have been some very beautiful moon-rises.  I found out my little camera takes some pretty awesome night-time photos, so I wanted to share with you the beauty of a Port Huron night sky reflecting on the river.



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More Photos from the International Powerboat Race last Weekend

Bob and Travis - "Living the Dream" - in the Time Bandit

I have more photos from the race and the festivities last weekend down at Vantage Point. A few of them came from a friend of mine and I wanted to share them with you.  Thanks goes out to Brandon P. for his part in the pictures and for being my friend.  (Hey, B., hopefully next year I’ll be able to introduce you to Travis Lofland.) Here are the pictures, folks, we hope you enjoy the show!


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And the Winner of the Powerboat Race is:

"Bull on the Beach" class 300 Winner

What a spectacular weekend in Port Huron. I am sure our friends in Sanilac had just as wonderful a time.  The weather was, for the most part, cooperative; the drivers and crews of the Powerboats were, in the words of one of the event coordinators “Port Huron’s royalty” as they were gracious and understanding in the fact that this was the first time this international event was held here and still treated their fans to a great weekend of camaraderie. We will welcome them back next year with open arms.

The Powerboats on Parade

There were 27 boats racing in 7 different classes on Sunday.  The numbers on the boat tells which class they race in and which boat they are.  For example, the Formula boat with the number 400 on the bow is a class 400 boat and the 00 is the boats individual number, like the number on the side of a NASCAR race car.  Following is a list of the winners in each class.

Class 600:

1st place, # 669 Tyler Crockett; 2nd place, #607 Akula; 3rd place #633 Wazzup II

Class 500:

1st place, #512 Specialized; 2nd place, #568 Mighty Macs;

3rd place, #555 Adrenaline Rush

Class 400:

1st place, #487 Jersey Outlaw; 2nd place, #400 Formula; 3rd place, #401 Simmons Racing

Class 300:

1st place, #360 Bull on the Beach; 2nd place, TIME BANDIT

Class 100:

1st place, #105 Lightening Jack; 2nd place, #129 Cleveland Construction;

3rd place, Amsoil

Super Vee:

1st place, Strictly Business; 2nd place, Wazzup (Did four laps)

Cat Lite:

1st place, # 77 Amsoil

The award ceremony was a great time with the Racer’s voicing their appreciation to Port Huron and Sarnia for doing such a great job with a first-time event.  And the guys from the Port Huron race committee thanking the race crews for providing such spectacular entertainment.  It was announced that there is a three year contract that has been signed, so we will have a year to prepare for the next Port Huron/Sarnia International Powerboat Race.  Thanks to everyone involved for putting forth the effort to get this event together in time, and thanks to the people of Port Huron for showing such respect to the race teams, OPA officials, and other coordinators, it made for a great weekend for all.

What a race!

Race Day!

It was a great day, mostly good weather, and fast boats!  The roar from the shore was loud and the races were exciting.  I am getting ready to go to the stage and get the names of the winners.  I’ll add a few pictures now and more will be coming. Sorry it has taken so long to get these posted, folks.  I have been experiencing technical difficulties. More in a minute,

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