Vantage Point Farmer’s Market and the Cash Mob

Today at Vantage Point

Today at Vantage Point Farmer’s Market

Last weeks market

Last weeks market – First of the year

It has begun….another great year of the Vantage Point Farmer’s Market.

At the first market there were new faces and old friends…many vendors are returning this year to offer their wares and what a wide selection available this year.

In the past there were 2 markets offered…the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and the Arts and Crafts Fair on Sundays. This year the two are combined to offer a one day a week event that provides shoppers the convenience of a one day shopping trip with the variety of both markets.

Saturday, May 18, the Port Huron Cash Mob group has chosen the market as the site for this week’s Mob event. Not sure what a cash mob is? It is a way for local residents and visitors alike to offer support to local area businesses. What better way to support our area than stopping down to Vantage Point Farmer’s Market and purchasing you spring planting necessities, some new garden or lawn art, a delicious bacon topped cupcake (really! they are wonderful!), or maybe a new picture to hang on your wall at home.

Vantage Point Farmer’s Market, located next to the mouth of the Black River, is a wonderful place to spend any Saturday, but Cash Mob Saturday, May 18, may prove to be the most fun you will have shopping this month!first day at R n R market 006 first day at R n R market 009

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The Fire Starters Silent Dream Show

Mark Rucker and Trina Kern-Avedisian
The Fire Starters

Fifty-four years ago this month something really good happened to Port Huron’s Mid City Nutrition program. Mark Rucker was born, and it would become his passion to play beautiful music and his dream to help the less fortunate in our community. Better known in the area as Alice’s Soup Kitchen, Mid City Nutrition helps to feed most of those less fortunate ones…for some, meals at Alice’s are their only meals. We as a community need to work together to help support Alice’s fight against hunger.

The Fire Starters

Help The Fire Starters help Mid City Nutrition…


Mark Rucker has stepped up as a leader in this war against hunger. Mark has a background steeped in music. His Grandmother was a music teacher and his Grandfather was a music producer.His “Dad and all eight siblings traveled around the United States doing minstrel shows during the 1920s (Rucker, from a personal electronic interview). After growing up learning any and all instruments that were available, it was only natural for Mark to stay involved with music.

From the beginning, Mark enjoyed creating his own songs. Through the 1970s and 80s, he found himself involved with several different bands and musicians, but his desire to create forced him out of the music scene for the 1990s and into the new millennium. In 2005, his desire to do good with his music drove him back into performing. 2005 and 2006 saw benefit concerts to raise money for Toys for Tots. In 2007. Mark’s generosity rose to a new level when he was able to, out of his own pocket, rent the Mcmorran to again raise money for Toys for Tots. The following year, he again rented the Mcmorran facility to stage a performance to raise money for Toys for Tots and the American Cancer Society.

Come enjoy the music and the spirit of giving…

Misfortune hit Mark in 2009 when, after 20 years he found himself in the unemployment lines. Unable to afford the cost of the Mcmorran, and without a different facility available in which to hold the Silent Dream Show, Mark was forced to once again put his dream on the  shelf. After a string of great performances and large donations being raised, Mark could not sit back and allow his dream to fade.

THEY ARE BACK! The Fire Starters Silent Dream Show will once again take place within the walls of the Mcmorran Place. This year the proceeds will go directly to Mid City Nutrition and Alice’s Soup Kitchen. The dream is alive and we can all be a part of it. All it takes it a couple hours of your time on November 3, 2012. There are 2 shows, one at 3pm and one at 7pm. You can make a difference in your community, all you have to do is come and enjoy the show.

Vantage Point Flower Market

What a great selection!

The Vantage Point Flower Market has been a huge success again this year. There have been a great variety of items available for your home, garden and yard. Beautiful hanging baskets full of gorgeous flowers and greenery, soil and decorative stone for your landscaping needs, a large selection of vegetable and herb plants for your gardening pleasure, and decorative wood sculptures and signage to highlight and   personalize your yard.


We can’t forget those great people who provide food and drink during the Flower Market. Lily’s Woodfire Pizza providing the most delectable pizza around, The Mackinac Island Ice Cream Trailer offering scrumptious frozen treats, and the fry trailer is open again this year under new management. Are you looking forward to next year’s already?

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Easter egg hunt at the Port Huron Museum

The Easter program and egg hunt at the Port Huron museum was a lot of fun for all. From the history of some of our Easter traditions to basket making and egg dying with natural dyes; everyone involved had a great time.

Know Your Ships – Do You Have Your Copy Yet?

Roger LeLievre

Roger LeLievre’s phenomenal book, Know Your Ships -2012 edition, is now available! This book is a must have for anyone with an interest in the ships and shipping on the Great Lakes.

It includes information on renamed ships, recently scrapped ships, and other changes that have occurred since the last issue. The pages are filled with information, spectacular photography, and more.

In the Port Huron area you can find a copy at The Great Lakes Maritime Center, the Thomas Edison Inn, the Lightship Huron, and the St Clair Pharmacy. Online, you can order your copy of Know Your Ships as well as other books, DVDs and apparel at Orders are taken by mail at: Know Your Ships, 317 S. Division St #8, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Call (906)632-8417.

Thanks, Roger, for another great issue of Know Your Ships!!

New Exhibit at Studio 1219

Bill Tucker: A Realist's Retrospective

Earlier this month a new exhibit, entitled “Bill Tucker: A Realist’s Retrospective”, opened at Studio 1219 in downtown Port Huron. Bill Tucker is a Port Huron native who attended the Center for Creative Arts and Wayne State University in Detroit with the aid of scholarships; and also attended the Chicago Institute for Interior Design. He then spent years in the commercial art field honing his talents and his skills as a pictorial artist.


The exhibit opened on March 9 and will remain on display until April 7. For all who enjoy great artwork it is a must see.  There’s something for almost everyone; from fantasy to portraits, and landscapes to animals the beauty of Mr. Tucker’s work is awe-inspiring at the least.



Try to make time to got to Studio 1219 and support a Port Huron business and a Port Huron artist.  Hope to see you there.

Toy Tech is Here!

Wow! I had one of those!


Toy Tech, the new exhibit at the Port Huron Museum, is open and it is amazing!  From the slinky to silly putty, and model trains to pedal cars there are hands-on exhibits and view-only displays that will excite and warm the hearts of the youngest visitor to the youngest-at-heart.

The train, the dolls, and the history.


Would you like to launch a straw rocket and see how far it goes?  How about test driving your very own helicopter in the toy tech wind tunnel?  You can build a Tinker car, a Lincoln log cabin or relax and watch the model train on its journey around its miniature land.  Be sure to tip your hat back to the ‘man’ watching the train go by, he’s waiting for his dog to finish his business.  Look closely, you will see what I mean.

Lots of fun stuff to do!


Toy Tech is an adventure into the world of toys, child’s play, and memories.  So, grab your kids, your grandkids, or even the neighborhood kids and come down and experience the history, mystery, and all-out fun of Port Huron Museum’s newest exhibit, built just for you.

Captain Jack Sparrow visited the Port Huron Museum

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow visited the Port Huron Museum today.  He shared a presentation on the Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes.  It was entertaining, interesting and a little bit spooky to hear of phantom ships sailing the lakes years after they sank.  He also discussed haunted lighthouses, mysterious ships that sailed into ports with their entire crews missing and other unexplainable mysteries that have taken place on and around the Great Lakes.

Captain Jack will be making his final appearance at the museum’s Mysteries of the Blue Water exhibit next weekend to lead the activities during the Night at the Museum sleepover.  For more information on the sleepover, please call Anita Varty, Tour Manager, at (810)982-0891, extension 118, or contact her through her email at

Thank you to Captain Jack Sparrow for helping make today’s program a great success!

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Work is Progressing Nicely on the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

Fort Gratiot Lighthouse











The Lighthouse is looking so beautiful in her new finery.  It seems like it has taken a long time to get her to this point, but the wear that needed to be repaired was from more than 180 years of faithful service.  The Lighthouse has been closed to the public since 2008 when the Coast Guard deemed her unsafe for tours.

Brick Fundraiser sale at the Port Huron Museum

As part of the restoration fundraising the original bricks that were replaced during the repairs are being offered for sale.  They are all numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.  There are “bare bricks” and there are bricks which come with a beautiful laminated cover plate depicting the lighthouse in her glory.  These bricks can be purchased from the Port Huron Museum, the Thomas Edison Depot Museum, or can be purchased online through the Port Huron museum website.

Guarding the lives and lighting the way for Great Lakes sailors for 182 years

Its Snowing!

Snow at the corner of 8th and Pine.

Well, Port Huron is getting its first real taste of winter tonight.  It was just after 3:30 am and my puppy decided he really needed to go outside and what did we find..SNOW!  It is now 4:am and there still isn’t much yet. but it is still coming down.  Anything that sticks will be wet and heavy.  If we get enough to shovel, everyone be careful.  Take it slow and don’t hurt yourself.  There are always a lot of heart attacks during cleanup after the first big snow every year, let’s make this year different.  Be safe and enjoy all that Port Huron wintertime has to offer.

Snowy steps

Port Huron's first snow of the season.