Vantage Point Farmer’s Market, last month for 2012

3 De Farms,
Don Dull
10353 Brennan Rd.

Vantage Point Farmer’s Market is going strong this year! It has been a great summer with plentiful sunshine, refreshing breezes and lots of great shoppers, products and vendors! This years market has welcomed back many familiar faces and added a few new ones, too.

Many thanks goes out  to Liz Mathews, our Market Master, for all her hard work and dedication to the success of the Vantage Point Farmer’s Market.

Country Tastes,
2779 Campbell Rd.,
Brown City, MI 48416

The market takes place on Tuesdays and Saturdays from now through October 27. It starts at 8:am and runs through 2:pm. There were a few vendors who sold out early, so come early and come often to the 2012 Farmers Market at Vantage Point!

Don’t forget, the market accepts the Senior Market Program, the Bridge card and offers the Double-up Food Bucks program!


Lake Huron Lore Marine Society’s Marine Market in St Clair, June 9, 2012

Everyone enjoyed the Marine Market!

Saturday was a beautiful day for the Marine Market in St Clair. Over 30 vendor’s were on hand with a great variety of goods for sale. There whistles and jackets, photographs and paintings, charts and maps, shirts and books and more! Everyone had a great time and all are looking next years gathering! Here are some pictures, names and phone numbers, so you can contact these vendor’s if there is something that interests you. Click on a photo to enlarge it. Enjoy!

Easter egg hunt at the Port Huron Museum

The Easter program and egg hunt at the Port Huron museum was a lot of fun for all. From the history of some of our Easter traditions to basket making and egg dying with natural dyes; everyone involved had a great time.

The 31st Annual Great Lakes Maritime Market will soon be here

Kaye E. Barker heading downbound.

Saturday, June 9, from 9am to 3 pm is the 31st Annual Great Lakes Maritime Market at the Riverview Plaza in St Clair, MI; located just across the street from the scenic boardwalk  in downtown St Clair.

Sponsored by the Lake Huron Lore Marine Historical Society, this years event promises to be a gala affair.

Little boat sizing up the big boat

With more than 40 vendors offering various items that relate specifically to shipping and the shipping industry in this region, there is bound to something to please the boatnerd in anyone. From artifacts, books, and photographs to advertising memorabilia, shipwreck collectibles, and artwork this event covers a great expanse of Great Lakes Maritime history.

This market is held only once a

Big job for a little tug

year and is one of only a few of its kind held throughout the country. This is a rare opportunity to find that photo, artifact, or other collectible from the impressive Great Lakes shipping industry that you have been looking for.

CSL Assiniboine coated in ice

The sponsor, Lake Huron Lore, was organized in 1963 to further the collection and preservation of maritime history in our region for the benefit of future generations. It has numerous activities throughout the year for its members, as well as the public, to further their understanding and enjoyment of this subject. The Marine Gallery at the Port Huron Museum of Arts and History is the repository of its extensive artifact collection. Its

Miedwie downbound - Port of Registery - Nassau, Bahamas

newsletter and journal, The Lightship, is published six times a year.

For more information, or to reserve a table to display for sale your own collection, contact Lake Huron Lore at (586)725-6276 or by email at

New Exhibit at Studio 1219

Bill Tucker: A Realist's Retrospective

Earlier this month a new exhibit, entitled “Bill Tucker: A Realist’s Retrospective”, opened at Studio 1219 in downtown Port Huron. Bill Tucker is a Port Huron native who attended the Center for Creative Arts and Wayne State University in Detroit with the aid of scholarships; and also attended the Chicago Institute for Interior Design. He then spent years in the commercial art field honing his talents and his skills as a pictorial artist.


The exhibit opened on March 9 and will remain on display until April 7. For all who enjoy great artwork it is a must see.  There’s something for almost everyone; from fantasy to portraits, and landscapes to animals the beauty of Mr. Tucker’s work is awe-inspiring at the least.



Try to make time to got to Studio 1219 and support a Port Huron business and a Port Huron artist.  Hope to see you there.

Toy Tech is Here!

Wow! I had one of those!


Toy Tech, the new exhibit at the Port Huron Museum, is open and it is amazing!  From the slinky to silly putty, and model trains to pedal cars there are hands-on exhibits and view-only displays that will excite and warm the hearts of the youngest visitor to the youngest-at-heart.

The train, the dolls, and the history.


Would you like to launch a straw rocket and see how far it goes?  How about test driving your very own helicopter in the toy tech wind tunnel?  You can build a Tinker car, a Lincoln log cabin or relax and watch the model train on its journey around its miniature land.  Be sure to tip your hat back to the ‘man’ watching the train go by, he’s waiting for his dog to finish his business.  Look closely, you will see what I mean.

Lots of fun stuff to do!


Toy Tech is an adventure into the world of toys, child’s play, and memories.  So, grab your kids, your grandkids, or even the neighborhood kids and come down and experience the history, mystery, and all-out fun of Port Huron Museum’s newest exhibit, built just for you.

Captain Jack Sparrow visited the Port Huron Museum

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow visited the Port Huron Museum today.  He shared a presentation on the Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes.  It was entertaining, interesting and a little bit spooky to hear of phantom ships sailing the lakes years after they sank.  He also discussed haunted lighthouses, mysterious ships that sailed into ports with their entire crews missing and other unexplainable mysteries that have taken place on and around the Great Lakes.

Captain Jack will be making his final appearance at the museum’s Mysteries of the Blue Water exhibit next weekend to lead the activities during the Night at the Museum sleepover.  For more information on the sleepover, please call Anita Varty, Tour Manager, at (810)982-0891, extension 118, or contact her through her email at

Thank you to Captain Jack Sparrow for helping make today’s program a great success!

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