Vantage Point Farmer’s Market and the Cash Mob

Today at Vantage Point

Today at Vantage Point Farmer’s Market

Last weeks market

Last weeks market – First of the year

It has begun….another great year of the Vantage Point Farmer’s Market.

At the first market there were new faces and old friends…many vendors are returning this year to offer their wares and what a wide selection available this year.

In the past there were 2 markets offered…the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and the Arts and Crafts Fair on Sundays. This year the two are combined to offer a one day a week event that provides shoppers the convenience of a one day shopping trip with the variety of both markets.

Saturday, May 18, the Port Huron Cash Mob group has chosen the market as the site for this week’s Mob event. Not sure what a cash mob is? It is a way for local residents and visitors alike to offer support to local area businesses. What better way to support our area than stopping down to Vantage Point Farmer’s Market and purchasing you spring planting necessities, some new garden or lawn art, a delicious bacon topped cupcake (really! they are wonderful!), or maybe a new picture to hang on your wall at home.

Vantage Point Farmer’s Market, located next to the mouth of the Black River, is a wonderful place to spend any Saturday, but Cash Mob Saturday, May 18, may prove to be the most fun you will have shopping this month!first day at R n R market 006 first day at R n R market 009

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Lake Huron Lore Marine Society’s Marine Market in St Clair, June 9, 2012

Everyone enjoyed the Marine Market!

Saturday was a beautiful day for the Marine Market in St Clair. Over 30 vendor’s were on hand with a great variety of goods for sale. There whistles and jackets, photographs and paintings, charts and maps, shirts and books and more! Everyone had a great time and all are looking next years gathering! Here are some pictures, names and phone numbers, so you can contact these vendor’s if there is something that interests you. Click on a photo to enlarge it. Enjoy!


What an awesome ride!

Donating $20 to the March of Dimes is a great way to spend one’s money. Having the chance to win this beautiful motorcycle, designed and built by Paul Jr. Designs, makes it even better.

This fabulous machine will be on display at events all across Michigan this summer before the final raffle drawing is held in Grand Rapids, MI on November 19. Tickets can purchased at any of the events or, if you cannot make it to one of the events, you can purchase them directly through the March of Dimes or through Lamar Construction.

Lamar Construction commissioned Paul Jr Designs to create this one-of-a-kind dream ride to raise awareness and money for the March of Dimes. Visit Lamar Constructions website for locations of the events and information on purchasing tickets by mail. Or you can call any of these area March of Dimes offices to find out more information:                 Port Huron area call: 810.824.1284                                                                                         Flint area call: 810.606.8014                                                                                                    Grand Rapids area: 616.247.6861                                                                                           Kalamazoo area call: 269.343.5586                                                                                       Lansing area call: 517.699.4863                                                                                             Southfield area: 248.359.1551                                                                                                Traverse City area: 231.947.2488

Thank you for your support and Good Luck!

That would look so good under me!

Know Your Ships – Do You Have Your Copy Yet?

Roger LeLievre

Roger LeLievre’s phenomenal book, Know Your Ships -2012 edition, is now available! This book is a must have for anyone with an interest in the ships and shipping on the Great Lakes.

It includes information on renamed ships, recently scrapped ships, and other changes that have occurred since the last issue. The pages are filled with information, spectacular photography, and more.

In the Port Huron area you can find a copy at The Great Lakes Maritime Center, the Thomas Edison Inn, the Lightship Huron, and the St Clair Pharmacy. Online, you can order your copy of Know Your Ships as well as other books, DVDs and apparel at Orders are taken by mail at: Know Your Ships, 317 S. Division St #8, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Call (906)632-8417.

Thanks, Roger, for another great issue of Know Your Ships!!

Its Snowing!

Snow at the corner of 8th and Pine.

Well, Port Huron is getting its first real taste of winter tonight.  It was just after 3:30 am and my puppy decided he really needed to go outside and what did we find..SNOW!  It is now 4:am and there still isn’t much yet. but it is still coming down.  Anything that sticks will be wet and heavy.  If we get enough to shovel, everyone be careful.  Take it slow and don’t hurt yourself.  There are always a lot of heart attacks during cleanup after the first big snow every year, let’s make this year different.  Be safe and enjoy all that Port Huron wintertime has to offer.

Snowy steps

Port Huron's first snow of the season.

The Pride of Michigan

The Pride of Michigan

After all the excitement today of the Unofficial Float Down, I was sitting on the wall down at the Maritime Center relaxing when I saw a vessel approaching.  At first I thought it might be the Greyfox, but it was too small.  As it passed I took a couple photos and looked it up later when I got home.  It was the Pride of Michigan, the ship of the Noble Odyssey Foundation, and part of the Great Lakes Association of Science Ships. I am glad I got the opportunity to see her and wanted to share her with you.

In front of the Great Lakes Maritime Center

The Unofficial Float Down

Spectators in front of the Great Lakes Maritime Center at Vantage Point

Well, there has been a pretty good turnout here at the Great Lakes Maritime Center to watch the floaters go by.  The Coast Guard, area police and fire departments and Homeland Security all turned out to ensure everyone’s safety and to help if anyone gets into trouble.  I spoke with one of the Port Huron Police volunteers who said that everything had gone smoothly and there had been no injuries so far.  It is just beginning to rain, so it is a good thing that the Float Down is winding down and most folks are past the mouth of the Black River.  Jay, from Image Making L.L.C., still has Float Down t-shirts for sale; his contact information is on my Vantage Point Arts and Craft Market post.  I am thankful everything went well and all had a safe and fun time today at the third annual “Unofficial” Port Huron Float Down.  Enjoy the pictures.

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