Moon Rings

Moon Halo

I went out side last night to take Crash for a walk and saw this beautiful ring around the moon.  I had to go get my camera so I could capture the image and share it with you.  Sometimes called a halo, these rings are formed by moonlight, which is reflected sunlight, refracting through ice crystals in the upper atmosphere.

These ice crystals are hexagonal in shape, so every time the reflected light passes through them it is bent at a 22 degree angle.  This creates a a halo which always has a 22 degree radius (or a 44 degree diameter).  Sometimes these halos can have spokes, sometimes they are bright enough to see the red tinting on the inside of the ring, and always they are beautiful.

Moon Halo

It has long been believed that moon halos are a foretelling of bad weather to come.  Quite often the ice crystals are the beginnings of a storm, so often this legend rings true.

If you want to see a moon halo, keep looking up when you go outside at night.