Captain Jack Sparrow visited the Port Huron Museum

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow visited the Port Huron Museum today.  He shared a presentation on the Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes.  It was entertaining, interesting and a little bit spooky to hear of phantom ships sailing the lakes years after they sank.  He also discussed haunted lighthouses, mysterious ships that sailed into ports with their entire crews missing and other unexplainable mysteries that have taken place on and around the Great Lakes.

Captain Jack will be making his final appearance at the museum’s Mysteries of the Blue Water exhibit next weekend to lead the activities during the Night at the Museum sleepover.  For more information on the sleepover, please call Anita Varty, Tour Manager, at (810)982-0891, extension 118, or contact her through her email at

Thank you to Captain Jack Sparrow for helping make today’s program a great success!

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