Freighters in a snow squall at the Blue Water Bridge

Herbert C. Jackson just becoming visible beyond the bridge in the snow

I went down to the Blue Water Bridge yesterday, as there was a freighter coming down that I had not yet gotten a picture of, Canadian Steamship Lines’ Assiniboine.  The CSL Assiniboine, formerly known as the Jean Parisien, and the Herbert C. Jackson were traveling downbound together. When I got to the bridge there was a snow squall hampering visibility and making it very cold.  The photos I captured there were well worth the time spent in the freezing temps and blowing snow.  

Here is a little information on the two ships that you will see in these photos.  The CSL Assiniboine was launched as the Jean Parisien on July 7, 1977.  The Herbert C. Jackson was side-launched on February 20, 1959. She has retained her original name for almost 54 years.  

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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