The Raven Cafe

The Raven Cafe

I finally was offered the opportunity to enjoy the experience of a first-time visit to the Raven Cafe.  As we walked in the door, my daughter turned to me and said, “I could so see you owning a place like this Mom”.  I don’t see that, but I do see me spending a lot of time there.  There is a very warm and welcoming ambiance which surrounds you as you walk in the door.  A writer’s dream, and a really nice place for anyone, the Raven offers free WIFI, great music, a great staff (I wish I would have gotten more names, maybe next time), and a decor catering to the literary side of history.

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The Raven Cafe is located at 932 Military Street in downtown Port Huron in a reconstructed Civil War era building.  It houses over 8,000 books on shelves lining the walls and couches are furnished for a comfortable reading atmosphere.  The Raven’s beverage menu is accommodating to even the most choosy of palates with “over 100 hot and cold concoctions” using a variety of coffees, teas, styles, and flavorings.  I can recommend the signature flavored, Raspberry Cream, certified organic, Yerba Mate Chiller.  I’m going to try a Chai Tea Chiller on my next visit.


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