The Vantage Point Arts and Craft Market

Rag's Custom Clocks - Hand-carved and custom made clocks, wall hangings, and walking sticks

There are a couple of new vendors at the Arts and Craft Market at Vantage Point today. Rag’s Custom Clocks, hand carved and crafted wall hangings, clocks, and walking sticks, beautifully crafted unique treasures for your home or as gifts.

Tina's Treasure - beautiful hand-made hair accessories, kitchen designs, and accessories for your home and life.

Tina’s Treasures is also on hand today with hand-made pillows, hair accessories perfect for the stylish girls back-to-school ensemble , lap throws, and more.  There are also the tried and true vendors, Jay’s Ship on a Shirt, Leon’s hand-scrolled on wood portraits, Photos by Bob Powers, and Jewelry by Kat. There are only a few weeks left of this wonderful market, I hope you make it down to see these fabulous crafts handmade with love here at home in Port Huron.