Highlights of Freighter Watching

The front of the Algoway, looks kind of like a sea monster

I love the freighters.  They are giants on the water, but they have a grace and beauty all their own that is unmatched anywhere.  To see these giants turn around in the Straights of Saint Clair, directly outside the Great Lakes Maritime Center, is amazing.  I got to watch the Algoway do a turn rather close to our side of the river and wanted to share it with you.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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2 thoughts on “Highlights of Freighter Watching

  1. Wendy…my Dad was always a big fan of the lake freighters, and when I was growing up in Port Huron, he passed this love on to me. We spent many an hour sitting in our car on the banks of the river, usually under the bridge, waiting for a ship to pass. He was so good, that he could identify many of them by their signal, long before you could read the name on the side, or by the company logo on the stack. When we return to Port Huron, one of the highlights is to watch the freighters, and my wife loves to park our motorhome in the front row at Algonac St.Pk, where we get a constant parade of them going by. Love your pics of the Algoway (a self-unloader)…I’ve seen her many times over the years.

    • Thanks for sharing, Len. I love to hear when my blog posts touch someone’s life, either by bringing up good memories or in any other positive way. I have been blocked by facebook as spam for the next 15 days, but I will continue to blog and I believe it will post to my wall, so I hope everyone keeps following because I am doing it for all of us. I could say all of you guys, but I have to include myself, it does give me great enjoyment.

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