Review of ‘Chicken in the Rough’

The Lighthouse

My son wanted to take me out to dinner today.  He asked me where I wanted to go.  I had been hearing good things about the Port Huron ‘Chicken in the Rough’ restaurant at 1535 Pine Grove Avenue.  I am glad that we went there as our waitress, Michelle, was friendly, the food was good, and the ambiance of the restaurant was warm and welcoming.

The Ambiance

The Freighter

The Story of Chicken in the Rough.

The lighting and the booths have a style reminiscent of the bygone era of drive-ins, poodle skirts, and car hops on roller skates.  The mirrored wall hangings depict the area this ‘Chicken in the Rough’  calls home.  There are etchings of a freighter, a sailboat, and a lighthouse as well as other mirrors to reflect the lighting and make the room seem bigger than it is.  It was a very enjoyable meal and I would recommend a visit to ‘Chicken in the Rough’ to anyone who wants a good meal in a comfortable setting.