The Powerboats are coming! The Powerboats are coming!

Come watch Jonathan and Andy's Powerboat in the Port Huron/Sarnia Race

Friday, Saturday, and SUNDAY at Desmond Landing/Vantage Point are going to be exciting, loud, and did I mention EXCITING! Friday at 2:00 Race Village will open to the public, 6:00 is the opening ceremonies on the main stage, there will be live music, and the area will close at midnight.  Saturday Race Village again opens at noon with live music starting at 3:00.

Time for the powerboats to get off the trailers and into the water!


There will be a meet and greet with autograph signing by the drivers at 8:00 at Desmond Landing and live music until closing at midnight.  SUNDAY! Race Village opens at 10:00 and the race begins at noon.  There will be live music and at 4:30, on the main stage, will be the Awards Ceremony at Desmond Landing.  The area will remain open until 11:00.  This promises to be an exciting, fun-filled weekend for all.  Please, remember to drink responsibly and let everyone have a great time.  Hope to see you there!