Port Huron is Hosting a Celebrity this Week

Jonathan and Andy's "little" boat.

There is a celebrity in town this week.  Travis Lofland, from the hit show Deadliest Catch, is in town this week for the Port Huron/Sarnia International Powerboat Race this weekend. Travis is here as the throttle man for the Time Bandit, a 30 foot Phantom powerboat.  I was fortunate enough to get to meet Travis in a very relaxed setting this afternoon.

The Time Bandit Powerboat, Travis Lofland, and me

I walked down to where the boat was parked to take pictures for the blog, and as I was heading back to the Maritime Center he pulled up beside me and asked if I liked the boat.  Being the avid fan of Deadliest Catch that I am, I recocnized him as a crew member from a different boat on the show.  To my surprise, and complete enjoyment, he welcomed the opportunity to stop and chat with me, and pose for this awesome picture with me alongside the boat. And he even signed an autograph.  Thanks Travis for a great experience, best wishes for a safe race and a big win this weekend!


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  1. Wendy , why didn’t you come get me to meet him ??? You little stinker you need to share the fun ….Liz Mathews

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