87th Race to Mackinac – Thirsty Tiger

GL70 sailboat owned by Burt D'Ottavio

At fifth of six contenders in the GL70 class, these guys might not be too happy, but they made it safely and hopefully they had fun on the way.  Hope to see them again next year.

The Thirsty Tiger is in her third Port Huron to Mackinac Race.  She is a GL70 class sailing vessel, built in 1985, run by a 14 person crew.  Owned by Bert D’Ottavio of Joliett, Il., she races in numerous races throughout the Great Lakes, including the Chicago to Mackinac, Chicago Verve, Tri State Regatta, and the GL70 Harbor Springs which takes place next weekend. She is sleek, shiny, and red; a well cared for vessel, the pride of her owner.  Joe Goulet, one of the Thirsty Tiger‘s crew members, spoke of his impression of Port Huron and his short stay here in preparation for today’s kick-off of the Port Huron to Mackinac Race.  “I love Port Huron and the association with the lakes and the Maritime history that can be found here.”  He recommends the Thomas Edison Inn as a place to go to feel the history of this great maritime center.  His next visit he hopes to be able to take in the Maritime Center at Vantage Point.  Thanks Joe for your time this morning.

Godspeed to you, Thirsty Tiger

Final checking of the rigging