87th annual Port Huron to Mackinac Race

On the way to the starting line

And they’re off!  The 87th annual Port Huron to Mackinac Race got underway without any problems today and the crowds were impressed, awed, and a little envious of the boats and their crews as they passed through the mouth of the Black River in the Saint Clair River as they headed to the starting line at the base of Lake Huron.  It truly was a beautiful display as the various styles, colors, and sizes of sailing ships passed in parade fashion the crowds of spectators gathered along the banks of both rivers.

A supporter of the sailing vessel 'Limerick'

There are some thank you’s in order for the way the weekend turned out.  First, thank you to the people of Port Huron, some said the festival was “toned down” from previous years, but most people were thankful that this prestigious event and the festivities which surround it were treated with more respect than has been seen in previous years, way to go Port Huron!

Final preparations

Thanks to the crews of these spectacular sailboats, as the crowds who walked past to view these awesome vessels were treated to answers to their questions, photo opportunities, friendly conversations, and a mutual respect that was a true reward for the residents and visitors alike, thank you crew members!  Thank you to the Kiwanis Club for a great breakfast and a chance to spend the morning so close to these magnificent vessels.  The pancakes were awesome!!  Thanks to city of Port Huron for all the effort put forth to make this event a stunning success! A special thanks to the Bayview Yacht Club, without which there would never been a race to begin with.

Leaving the Black River

Here’s to many more years of fun, entertainment and excitement at the Blue Water Fest and the Port Huron to Mackinac Race.