Vantage Point Arts & Craft Market

Just outside the Maritime Center at Vantage Point, along the shore of the picturesque St. Clair River is the all new Vantage Point Arts & Craft Market.  This new market is the perfect place to spend your Sunday afternoons this summer.  With unique crafts, artwork, and people, there is a treasure to be found by all.  Affordable prices and the truly unique style of the items here make the Vantage Point Arts & Craft Market a great destination any Sunday this summer.  Here is a sampling of some of the unique people and their crafts they wish to share with you next to the Maritime Center at Vantage Point:

beautifully crafted gifts for baby and adults alike

Beautiful Custom Quilts

Home of "Ship on a Shirt"

Unique images of area freighters captured forever on shirts, hats, bags, etc.

Beautiful and unique wood carvings and portraits in wood