Ship Watching at Vantage Point

Port Huron is known as one of the best spots along the Great Lakes Shipping Channel for ship watching.  There are several key sites along the Port Huron shoreline, but arguably one of the best ship viewing places is at Vantage Point.  The friends at the Maritime Center provide narrative to accompany the passing of each ship.  This narrative, provided by the great folks from, gives technical information such as size, power source, and type of cargo.  It also includes such trivia as date and place the ship was built; different names, owners, and jobs the ship has done in the past; and where it is heading currently.  The river is not to wide in front of Vantage Point, so the ships are close enough to view, photograph, and enjoy.  Vantage Point provides a cafe, ample seating indoor and out, and a friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy your ship watching experience.

Northbound patiently waiting for Southbound to pass

ship viewing at Vantage Point